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The Miami Center for Architecture and Design Has to Vacate its Magnificent First Home, in 2.5 Years

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The Miami Center for Architecture and Design has two and a half years to find new digs. The landlord, Stambul, has declined to renew the lease on their current location, a grand two floor space in the Old U.S. Post Office which the Miami Chapter of the American Institute of Architects meticulously brought back to life. Renovated by former AIA Miami president Allan Shulman, the space includes a recreated vaulted ceiling, a monolithic custom steel staircase, and lots of preserved original details.

The Old U.S. Post Office is the MCAD's first home and the location that it, still quite a young institution, has flowered in, although that strength of purpose is by no means going away. "Under no circumstances do we plan to close or pull back our mission" and "our intention is to stay in Downtown Miami" says Cheryl Jacobs, the Executive Vice President of the AIA Miami and the MCAD, with its many programs, exhibitions, and events on a daily basis. Jacobs is currently scouting out a new Downtown location for the MCAD with the help of a broker.
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