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A Slightly Closer Look at Rafael Viñoly's Miami River Tower(s)

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Plans for starchitect Rafael Viñoly's Miami River tower have been officially submitted to the City of Miami Planning Department by the developer, Kar Properties, reports the Next Miami. The design is basically two rectangular towers placed at ninety degree angles to each other and connected at the bottom and the top, with a large waterfall cascading off the podium that will give the effect that it's coming out of the building's swimming pool. The 60-story towers "top off at a height of 779 feet." Levels 7-46 will be condo, while 56-59, which connect both buildings, will contain a mixture of residential, 20 hotel units, and a restaurant or some other kind of commercial. These levels will be connected by high speed elevators on the building's exterior. There are 402 residential units total. Finally, TNM was very clear to point out that the towers will have hallways on each floor instead of private elevators, which kind of goes to show how insanely common they've become.

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