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Small British Seaside Town Wants to be a Little More 'Miami'

The small British seaside town of Weston is thinking of painting the art deco in its city center in bright colors inspired by Miami, and they might get some real Miamians to do it.

After reading about the proposal in the Weston Mercury (via a quicklink on Curbed Miami), Miami resident and leader of HandsOn Miami, an organization which paints abandoned buildings, Kristian Toimil emailed the man behind the Weston project, town councilor and historian John Crockford-Hawley to suggest a 'paint-swap' of sort. His idea was that volunteers from Miami would hop across the pond to do the painting and give Weston a little Miami color, while the Westonites came over here to... paint somewhere in Miami to look like a small British seaside town? Anywho, the article closes with Crockford-Hawley reciting poetry, which just shows you how different their politicians are to ours.

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