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Downtown Miami's 36-story Met 3 Residential Tower Tops Off

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[Photos by Lucas Lechuga]
[Photos by Lucas Lechuga]

Met 3, a.k.a. Monarc at Met 3, a.k.a. that 32-story residential rental tower being built on top of the already-open Whole Foods Market in Downtown Miami, has topped off, according to its general contractor, Suffolk Construction. So, if a Downtown yuppie on her way to buy some fresh kale were to get squashed by some falling construction materials, at least the materials wouldn't be coming from any higher than right now. The higher the fall starts, the faster the velocity and the more the hurt when the young urban professional on the sidewalk goes splat. Just kidding, of course! Suffolk is probably putting lots of safety precautions in place, and this kind of construction probably happens all the time in New York. Plus it's pretty awesome. The 42,000 square foot Whole Foods is topped by an 11 story parking podium, then 462 residential units.

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