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Lil' Wayne Lists His Skatepark-Bedecked Manse for $18 Million

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Rapper Lil' Wayne has had more than his share of drama surrounding his 15,000 square foot, 9 bedroom, 10 bath La Gorce Island house, including that recent incident of 'swatting' when somebody made a 911 call reporting gunshots and wounded bodies at the house that turned out to be a total hoax. And then there are the mountains of mortgages that Wayne took out on the place. One silver lining, though, is the skatepark that local news media discovered on the roof following the swat, a feature that wasn't there when Wayne bought the place for $11 million (h/t: Curbed National). Another silver lining: the rapper is bound to make a tidy profit, minus any money spent to revamp the place and any outstanding mortgage debts, if he sells it for anywhere near the listing price of $18 million.

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