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Art Deco Heaven in Miami Beach Wants $4.35 Million

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Built in 1937, this wonderfully well preserved art deco house was designed by architect Robert E. Collins, who also designed the Tower Theater in Little Havana and the Cameo Theatre (more recently known as the Cameo Nightclub) on Washington Avenue. Collins was something of a specialist in movie theaters it turns out, which may explain why the house does have a very theatrical flair to it.

Imagine ringing the doorbell and being led into the living room by the maid, where directly in front of you the french doors in the hemicircular solarium are flung open. The lady of the house ascends from the pool and wraps herself in a robe as she is momentarily framed by the doorway. She walks inside to greet you as a large statue seemingly takes her place even though it was there all along. The house is listed at $4.35 million.

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