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Villa Bagatelle and its Restaurant are all Wine, Women & Song

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[Photos via Villa Bagatelle]
[Photos via Villa Bagatelle]

"One of the big misconceptions about Miami is that we have a plethora of restaurants that are the equivalent of a full-on dinner party." says the Miami New Times, which then goes on to describe Bagatelle, the marquee restaurant of the hotel Villa Bagatelle, as exactly that. With prices to match, Bagatelle, as well the hotel that surrounds it, is a Miami Beach hotel designed to party hard and party well. It's like a much more upscale version of the nearby Catalina Hotel (if the Catalina is 'spring break in Daytona Beach,' then Villa Bagatelle is 'spring break in St. Tropez').

Bagatelle has great 'modern French' food (duck fat on brioche is actually really delicious, just FYI) by Chef Matthieu Godard, large hotel rooms and suites, and a rotating display of art, with work by new artists being presented every few months. And in full Miami debauchery, bottle service is provided by Super Man.

Formerly known as the Boulan, Villa Bagatella is on the corner of Collins Avenue and Collins Park. It's that hotel that had an army of full-sized storm troopers from Star Wars on its balconies during Art Basel a few years ago. The hotel is about to launch a renovation by designer Calin Fortis, with upgrades to the lobby, roof deck pool, hallways, and other spaces.

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