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Ogle The Plans of Miami's Most Expensive Home, Before it Isn't

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Photos via Rene Gonzalez

3 Indian Creek Island Road (also known as Indian Creek Drive) broke records for the most expensive residential sale ever in Miami-Dade County when it sold for a whopping $47 million back in 2012. When the sale of the penthouse at the almost-complete Faena House, which is in contract for $60 million, closes, 3 Indian Creek will officially have been dethroned. Until then, let's ogle the floorplans, interior photos, and the many ridiculous features, of the most expensive home in Miami-Dade, the $47 million mother, until it isn't.

The identity of the owner of the 30,000 square foot Rene Gonzalez-eesigned spread has remained a closely guarded secret even as they bought the empty lot next door for $21.6 million (they're Russian, and probably billionaires, and that's all we know). The house includes such superlative features (according to its old listing) as a 75-foot-long living room, 7 kitchens, 10 bedrooms, spa pavilion, panic room, 2,000 square foot koi pond that wraps around the guest wing, 100 foot long pool, and enough dockage to handle a large yacht.

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3 Indian Creek Drive

3 Indian Creek Drive, Indian Creek Village, Florida