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The Boulevard Was Carl Fisher's Last Miami Beach Hotel

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Photos via Wolfsonian-FIU Library

Of developer Carl Fisher's original Miami Beach hotels, including the more well known names like the Flamingo, the Nautilus, the Lincoln, and the King Cole, the least known, and the last one he ever built here, was The Boulevard.

According to the Wolfsonian Museum's library blog, which dug up an old photo album of the hotel in its archives, the Boulevard was Fisher's least expensive hotel, catering to a more middle class clientele and charging prices half as much as his other hotels. The Boulevard's cafeteria-style restaurant served "plain, American home cooking" and was open to the public. Designed by William F. Brown in the Mediterranean Revival style of Fisher's other hotels, the Boulevard was located "on the new Venetian Causeway", now Dade Boulevard, and had a golf course view. Timing is everything of course, except when it isn't. Although the Boulevard opened a month before the Great Hurricane of 1926, it suffered little damage. The hurricane was, however, a major blow to Fisher's finances. Plus he was overextended with his new development in Montauk already. It was a blow from which he would never fully recover.

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