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633-Foot Media Tower Will Boast Observation Deck, Shopping

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The 633-foot tall digital media tower that developer Michael Simkins and SHoP Architects are bringing to Overtown will, somewhat unsurprisingly, have multiple restaurant levels at the middle and top, as well as an observation deck above the middle clump of restaurants, within the structure, which will otherwise be quite hollow.

The base, however, will have an auditorium, parking, retail, and ticketing for the observation deck, because here people will pay good money to look out the window from about 350 to 400 feet above the ground. They'll come here instead of SkyRise Miami, which has an observation deck at its top. Oh, and, ummm, it's also hundreds of feet taller. They'll buy tickets to be almost as high as most of the skyscrapers being built between the the Miami Innovation Tower and the waterfront. To be precise, 1.2 million people a year will, according to 'projections.' Yeah, that makes total sense.

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