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Hot Off of its Playboy Debut, Max Strang Lists House for $4M

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[Listing Photos]
[Listing Photos]

Riding high on his eco-fabulous Coconut Grove house's March feature in Playboy, Miami-based architect Max Strang has put the house on the market for $4 million. It has a jungly yard perfect for buxom bunnies, and a very sexy pool ready for that Playmate looking for something wet to... play in... And yet Playboy got up to no naughty business. It was very PG. According to Zillow, the 5 bedroom, 3.5 bath house, which Strang designed himself, is "Expected on market May 26", which was a couple days ago. Then the listing says something about it being an "off the market" listing, even though, hello, it's being promoted on Zillow. So... let's just say any day now.

UPDATE: Strang sold the house a few years ago, and it is being sold again by its current owners.

· 4080 S. Douglas Road [Zillow]
· Playboy Features Max Strang's Coconut Grove Rockhouse [Curbed Miami]