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The Design District's Silvery City View Garage is Opening Soon

Photos by Robin Hill

If you've driven on the link between Julia Tuttle and 112/I-95 anytime in the past year, or if you've been circling the neighborhood for parking lately, you have without a doubt come across the Design District's brand new City View Garage, tempting but unavailable to park in. The architect of record for the base parking structure is Tim Haahs Engineers and Architects and Brad Giresi. However, the façade, divided into three different motifts, was crafted by distinct designers and commissioned by LVMH and DACRA Development.

The west side, by Leong Leong Architecture, is made out of titanium-plated stainless steel, a shiny 3D Matisse-like covering. On the eastern side, architect Iwamoto Scott crafted both the exterior staircase and a shades-of-blue "tessellation" constructed from a "digitally-fabricated metal screen." Finally, there are two images by artist John Baldessari, one in the center of the façade, as well as on the opposite side of the structure. The treatment of the façade produces an inner cascade of shadows, creating an unexpected and refreshing interior to any garage. The top-level, painted in Dr. Seuss colors, makes for a small reward to those relegated to searching for a spot up top. Despite reports that it would open in March, the City View Garage will be opening soon.—Alexandra J Miller

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