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Be King of the World in this $2M Meridian Lofts 'Point' Unit

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The five story dramatic knife-like building that is Miami Beach's Meridian Lofts only has a few precious units at the tip of the knife (the whole building is five stories) that each come with one of those spectacular long, pointy balconies, and the fourth floor unit has just hit the market. Listed by Dora Puig for $2.19 million, the unit is a three bedroom floorpan converted to two, which means there's a huge living area, with twelve foot ceilings that opens out to spectacular views of the Miami Beach Country Club on the right and South Beach on the left. Dade Boulevard, right outside, is kind of a drag, but this is still probably one of the most unique apartments in Miami Beach.

· 2001 Meridian Avenue [Zillow]