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The Most Expensive 'Tiny' Home in America is at the Setai

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When the Wall Street Journal officially bestows Miami Beach as the city with the most expensive tiny home in America—that 'tiny home' being an 800 square foot pied a' terre at the Setai that's on the market for $2.5 million—even beating out that epicenter of tiny, ultra expensive living, New York City, you know we're in the big leagues baby. Although micro homes have their advantages, it's lucky that the definition of tiny is somewhat relative here, as Miami cannot turn into the kind of city where it's considered normal to cram yourself into a shoebox for $2,000 a month. These days, people move to New York to work, and they move to Miami to live.

The unit in question, Unit 2503, is, of course, in the luxurious Setai, a condo hotel where that two and half million comes with lots of creature comforts like concierge staff, room service, housekeeping, and other hotel-style amenities. As for possible buyers, "They don't want to be involved in any aspect of maintenance" a Realtor tells the journal. One can even rent it out for the night through the hotel and generate a little income while not at home.

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Setai Hotel

2001 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida