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Wynwood's 'First True Mixed-Use' Building Will Have 101 Underground Parking Spaces

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Goldman Properties has proposed 'Wynwood's first true mixed-use ground up building' for a site at 2700 NW 2nd Avenue that would contain 72 residential units, 68 hotel rooms, a little more than 11,000 square feet of retail, a little less than 50,000 square feet of offices, and large panels on the facade which will feature a rotating selection of art work. According to the Next Miami, the developer stressed that the 'evolving canvas' would 'in no event' ever be used for commercial advertisement because, you know, the temptation to use them as billboard space is there. The developer is requesting a few inofensive-enough seeming zoning variances from the city, is also planning on building a 101 space underground parking garage beneath the building. The days when common knowledge dictated that building anything below ground in Miami besides a swimming pool was impossible are long gone. Long. Gone.

· Goldman Properties Submits Plans for New Mixed Use Project in Wynwood [Next Miami]