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Perfectly Charming Med Revival on North Bay Road is $3.5M

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This historic Mediterranean Revival house on the east side of North Bay Road is on the market for $3.5 million, and overall it's, well, a very nice little house. Tactfully renovated with a tasteful amount of original details throughout, a beautiful new kitchen that's quite pleasant, and renovated bathrooms that were renovated just enough without being impolite to the memory of the old ones, the house is also amiably furnished with a variety of eye-catching antiques and probably some contemporary pieces that due a good job of just blending in. As a whole, the 5-bedroom, 3,000 square footer is lovely, just lovely, the expected, slightly stale definition of refined good taste. If only there something, anything that uniquely stood out, to save it from a faint sense of ennui.

· 5711 N. Bay Road [Zillow]