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The Wolfsonian Museum's New Director Wants to 'Expand the Physical Museum'

The Wolfsonian-FIU Museum has appointed a new director who promises to expand access to the museum both digitally and physically, including building an expansion to the physical museum, according to a press release. Dr. Timothy Rodgers is coming from the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, where he was the museum's director, and will begin on July 1st.

Dr. Rodgers spoke about his plans at the institution:

This will allow us to put more of the permanent collection on display, in the building and online. We will have more programs connecting the museum's collection with a community of supporters, students, scholars and researchers around the world. The Wolfsonian will be at the forefront of all conversations about the future of museums, visual studies, modernist scholarship and audience engagement. I want to ensure that more people recognize the fact that The Wolfsonian–FIU is a world-class museum, one that intelligently and creatively engages with a vast array of cultural artifacts to help all of us understand our history, our present and our future.

Founded by Micky Wolfson, the Wolfsonian, which has a formidable collection of design history, as well as Miami history, has existed in its current building since opening to the public in 1995. The museum also owns an historic building on Lenox Avenue which it uses for collection storage, as well as Mr. Wolfson's former multi-level office condominium downtown, which Wolfson recently donated to the museum. Both are possible expansion sites, although something within a few blocks of the museum, or ideally attached to it, would be preferable. Neither of them is currently open to the public.

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