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Comment of the day

"This project [The Miami Beach Convention Center Hotel] fails on a number of levels - I'm in a rush, so:
1. Its massively out of proportion with its environment.
2. It situates its mass (towers) on the street side of the project - if it were rotated 180 and the height was pulled back from 17th street it would show the slightest bit of understanding of the site."

"3. The design is late 7-'s early 80's casino/convention hotel design -let's be honest, Mr. Portman's designs were unique 30+ years ago but this is an abomination.
4. The site is all wrong - instead of being the connection between Lincoln Rd and the Convention Center, as it was in the Koolhaas scheme - this is now a huge wall and impediment to the connection the City was trying to make.
5. The site is too small for this level of intensity - hence the outlandish size/scale.
6. Finally, instead of a cohesive masterplan and architecture that relates to the needs of the City and its history, the City has an approach that results in a bunch of disparate pieces that don't relate to each other at all. Take a look at this proposal next to an image of the Architectonica design for the Convention Center - they couldn't be more different from one another or relate to each other any less. It is the physical manifestation of a failure of imagination and leadership. We had a world class project in our grasp and we've ditched it for a bunch of minor political gains."—TheFish Hawk [Proposed Miami Beach Convention Center Hotel Design Towers Over All of South Beach]

Miami Beach Convention Center

1901 Convention Center Dr., Miami Beach, FL 33139