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Shore Club Can't Demolish Historic Cromwell Hotel

The Shore Club was denied a demolition permit for the historic Cromwell Hotel, an eight story structure on the northern portion of the property yesterday, while the rest of the project was generally give a thumbs up. After a heated meeting with neighbors at the Setai, to the north, the Real Deal reports, HFZ Capital will have to return to the drawing board or at least have to come up with a really good argument for why the Cromwell has to go.

As for most of the rest of the project, "The approval came with conditions that would get rid of all balconies except those facing the ocean and some modifications to the design of the pool area and parking spaces" says Real Deal. It's not clear if the balcony eliminations apply to the big exoskeleton being added to the tower, although it's not historic, so probably not. The five-story 'monolithic' structure was also approved.
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