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Comment of the day

"Not sure if it's still there, but there actually used to be a sculpture garden on NE 42 St and 2 Av. I lived in one of the VERY "non-contributing structures" just next to it, in a duplex with a really fab 60s original details but which nobody will miss when it's time to land a LVMH spaceship on it."

"Sad to see the very cute, very Miami two-story apartment building go -- those external stars are a treasure -- but this is not too obnoxious a use in a single-family residential area. They just need to make sure that when/if this place goes belly up, someone can't later build another big dumb Design District parking garage with 17 different skins. THAT would be a mess.
As for "encroaching on" Buena Vista -- the DD *is* Buena Vista. It's its downtown, the post office served this former wealthy suburb before it was subsumed by Miami. When I lived on 42nd and then on 47th, I went to the post office there, walked my dog there, went to "Buena Vista Café" there. All long gone, and that's ok, but this is all properly Buena Vista no matter what's built."—aceraroja [Buena Vista Homeowners Reject to Replacing These Three Blah Houses With a Sculpture Garden]