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Smiling Poop Emoji Cover the Downtown Miami Poop Map

In an obviously desperate attempt to get featured on Curbed Miami, the Miami Downtown Development Authority has created the Downtown Miami Poop Map, a map of everywhere human feces or urine was found in the Downtown area in an eight hour period. Just look at all those smiling poop emoji!

The "scatological atlas", as the Miami Herald calls it, is just the latest in an ongoing feud between the DDA and the Miami-Dade Homeless Trust over the presence of homeless people on Downtown's streets and what to do with them. "The two public agencies have been feuding for about a year now, dating back to the creation of a temporary shelter program at Camillus House, and more recently with the DDA's promotion of souped-up porta-potties." According to the Trust, which is focused on finding housing for the homeless, neither initiatives were good ideas. On the flip side, the trust's top cop Ron Book has been criticized as a "dictator" "who is flushing millions down the drain."

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