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Under LeFrak & Soffer Families, Biscayne Landing Getting Ever More Gigantic, Renamed SoLeMia

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The megaproject formerly known as Biscayne Landing has a new set of developers, the family-run LeFrak Organization (don't worry, it won't be called LeFrak City) and Miami's Soffer Family, and is being renamed SoLeMia. The Wall Street Journal, unfortunately doesn't explain why it's being called SoLeMia. "South Le Miami," "So Let's Miami," "Soffer LeFrak Miami"? Anywho, like some other Miami megaprojects, SoLeMia is being funded at first the developers themselves, and not with loans. The $4 billion megadevelopment will have 4,390 apartments, 1 million square feet of commercial space, and two swimmable lakes, which will be quite the turn-around considering the project used to be a superfund site for being so polluted.
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