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Related Dims the Lights at The Almost-Complete Icon Bay

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The bright lights of the big city are a little less bright over in residential Edgewater, where the Related Group has dimmed the rear facade lights at Icon Bay in response to a Curbed Miami reader's complaint about their glaring brightness just two weeks ago. According to Carlos Rosso, President of Related's Condo Division:

We saw the light issue at Icon Bay brought up on Curbed Miami and decided to take action. The Related Group consulted with our lighting engineer who determined that the rear facade lights were in fact too bright, and we have lowered them in accordance with that. Come and see the great neighborhood public park we have created at Iconbay. It's important for Miami to start creating more public spaces with great public art. · Curbed Reader Blinded by The Bright Lights of Icon Bay [CM]
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Icon Bay

460 NE 28th St., Miami, FL