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The City of Doral Gets its Very Own Little 'Midtown'

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Move over Midtown Miami, Doral is getting a 'Midtown' development of its own. As of September 2014, Phase One for Midtown Doral was about 70% sold and they are moving quickly to complete four of this phase's 8-story residential buildings, consisting of 509 residential units (starting between $240-265k) and 72,000 square feet of commercial space, designed by K Studio Architecture & Interior Design and PPK Architects. Set to open in summer 2016, the mixed-use project aims to create an urban neighborhood for the City of Doral not too far from the also-urbanizing Downtown Doral area, complete with restaurants, boutiques, outdoor plazas, WiFi, and an open-air amphitheater with two performance stages.

The project will incorporate a "smart-building" technology, which means full access to your apartment straight from an iPad that owners receive upon purchasing a unit. Residents can use their new iPad or iPhone to control their apartment's thermostat and lighting remotely, request their car from valet, and (randomly) make dinner reservations. Other Bond-like amenities include keyless fingerprint door entry and self-adjusting window blinds depending on the sun's position. While walking around the area, their Midtown Doral Experience app will also alert users of any retail discounts within walking distance.

Midtown Doral isn't Doral's only contender, however. The City has a few large-scale, mixed-use developments in the works: CityPlace Doral, Doral Commons, and Downtown Doral. Seeking to urbanize the area, these developments mark a major transformation for the City. Clearly, developers are working hard to market the once-sleepy, traffic-ridden Doral into an alluring and cosmopolitan neighborhood. With billions pouring into one of the fastest growing cities in Florida, it'll be interesting to see how this all pans out.—Alexandra J Miller

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