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Archival Photos Show the Old Splendor of Miami's Shenandoah

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[Photos via Flickr/artslifemiami]
[Photos via Flickr/artslifemiami]

Oh Shenandoah! It's a valley in Virginia and West Virginia or a residential neighborhood behind the Roads. One of Miami's oldest neighborhoods, our Shenandoah was more than likely named after that other, bigger older one. Much like Morningside, Buena Vista, the Roads, and Coral Gables, Shenandoah was (and still is) a neighborhood of beautiful historic homes of various styles, including Mediterranean Revival, wooden bungalows, and a few somewhat more neoclassical-looking buildings, perhaps inspired by its namesake. Flickr user artslifemiami, artist Paul Hampton Crockett, has an incredible archive of old neighborhood photos many of which are republished here.

· Old Shenandoah [Flickr]