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Mod Bal Harbour House Does the Contempo+Nature Thing Pretty Well For $5.3 Million

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Starkly contemporary white box houses with big windows walls, roof decks, open plan layouts, and very often some kind of artsy-looking specimens of nature sprinkled throughout (green walls, tree-slice dining tables, and of course landscaping thicker than the jungle of Borneo, for example) are a dime a dozen. A big architectural cliche; and yet once or twice a house like this, which is on the market for $5.359 million, will pop up where the look seems to have been pulled off pretty well. Listed by Julian Cohen of Caldwell Banker, the 6,000 square foot house in Bal Harbour has six bedrooms, 6.5 baths, and the svelte good looks of an architectural lovechild between Mies Van Der Rohe and whoever designs James Bond's sexiest movie sets.

· 133 Camden Drive [Zillow]