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Bay House, Melo's Fanciest Edgewater Building Yet, is Done

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Bay House, the Melo Group's 165 unit, 38 story condo tower in Edgewater and the first building as far as we know that attempted to elevate the developer's work above mass market monotony in white stucco to somewhat more upscale digs has just received its temporary certificate of occupancy and is now officially done. The Real Deal, which broke the story, had another perspective on the relative significance of Bay House:

A second new condo tower has been completed in the Edgewater neighborhood of Greater Downtown Miami by the same developer that started this current South Florida preconstruction boom in April 2011. Since the dawn of the surprisingly significant Bay House, which is quite boxy and has been the subject of disappointed aesthetic comments by some Miami real estate movers and shakers, Melo has launched projects, like the luxury Aria on the Bay, of significantly higher calibre. (Whether Bay House really counts as luxury is still up for debate) And it all started with this condo box.

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