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Olivia Newton-John Pulls Suicide/Exorcism House Off Market

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Poor Olivia Newton-John, not only does the singer and movie star have to live with a husband who sells 'medicinal herbs', but she just can't seem to sell her Jupiter Island house. Last listed for $5.5 million, she has pulled the place off the market after two years of, well, lots o' drama. Back in August of 2013 her contractor shot himself in the house, freaking out prospective buyer and more famous lady Rosie O'Donnell, who she was unable to get back even after performing what has been described as an "exorcism" (smart thinking Livvy!) on the house. Since then, the house has kind of just wallowed in its sad existence. "Other homes have been selling on that stretch at about $5 million, but they're newer and bigger than Olivia's" a Realtor told GossipExtra.
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