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Certainly Lived-In Morningsider Wants $1 Million

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This historic Morningside house, built in 1934, has 2,200 thoroughly renovated square feet of living space, 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, a fireplace, and a big yard, listed for $1,049,000. The listing states the house was "never lived in and just completed" which, considering it's about 75 years old, is totally laughable and utterly wrong. What the broker means is the renovation has just been completed with nobody living in it since then. In fact, the reno is so fresh that "all systems in this home come with w/ 1 yr warranty." So, nobody may have made dinner on the stove, rinsed off in the glassy new shower, or watched a hurricane behind the new hurricane windows, but people have lived in this house before. And that past is what makes an historic house great.

· 580 NE 59th Street [Zillow]