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An Ode to a Fallen Retail Strip, We Hardly Knew Ye

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The mostly-demolished single story retail strip at 723 Lincoln Lane North may not look like much, and on the face of it that's all this building really was: a row of retail tenants on an alley just off Lincoln Road. A simple structure. But, with its jaunty pink and green design, and Lincoln Road adjacency without quite the Lincoln Road rents, it was a friend to many and a silent symbol of the multiple lives of Lincoln Road's evolution.

At various times it held a bar where you could do your laundry and get drunk, a tanning parlor, a bad Mexican restaurant, another bar that had a weekly gay night, the first H&M in Miami (a pop-up while they built a permanent store), a temporary Gap location, some sort of pharmacy, a fancy dog toy store, and a gallery to show off the redevelopment of the Miami Beach Convention Center. And that's just what this writer remembers.

When first built, 723 Lincoln Lane North was at the vanguard. Lincoln Lane North was an alley, who would put shops there? Now a few blocks to east the alley opens out to a park, and just down the block, the new Apple Store has a dedicated alley entrance. Across the alley, Forever 21 has one too. Other restaurants face the alley and, although it's still definitely an alley, this little paseo is the future of Lincoln Road. But this building was the first, and wedged between Lincoln Road itself, Macy's (then Burdine's) and a large parking garage, this was the place to try the alley thing out. Ultimately 723 Lincoln Lane North has become a victim of its own success. It's being replaced by a Marshall's in a fancy new three-story building.

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