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Miami is the 8th Most Expensive Metro to Rent, Unsurprisngly

According to real estate rental listing site Zumper, Miami is the eighth most expensive metro area in the United States to rent, with median rents at $1,800 a month. This figure includes all the listings that Zumper tracks, which admittedly is only a slice of the picture and might not reflect on the wild, unregulated world of rentals on Craigslist, for example. In Zumper's more detailed report (click for PDF) one bedrooms in Miami also average the exact same price, although Miami ranks much lower in that metric because apparently one bedroom apartments are a lot more expensive in a lot of other cities. Still, $1,800 is most definitely not a bargain by any stretch.
· Zumper National Rental Report: April 2015 [Zumper]