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Buena Vista Homeowners Object to Replacing These Three Blah Houses With a Sculpture Garden

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Via Google Street View

Some Buena Vista East homeowners aren't too happy about the encroachment of the new Institute of Contemporary Art on their neighborhood, a symbol of the perceived expansion of the Design District into the historic residential area. At yesterday's Planning, Zoning, and Appeals Board meeting, they objected to the demolition of three homes in the neighborhood, none of which are actually considered contributing historic structures, and two of which are really ugly. The third, a two story structure with exterior staircase, is cute, but nothing to write home about. All three houses would be replaced by the museum's sculpture garden, with the building itself staying completely on the south side of the block. According to the Real Deal, the board deferred the vote until after the Historic and Environmental Preservation Board meets to take up the issue.

With I-195 to the south and Buena Vista to the north, the Design District has very well defined boundaries. The expansion and development of the Design District is certainly going right up to the edges of Buena Vista East, an inarguably gorgeous and historic single family residential neighborhood. Although the final plans of the district's northern section, called Paradise Plaza, hasn't been revealed yet, it does take up most of the block on the south side of 42nd Street between NE 1st and 2nd Avenues, which is not within the historic district. (The district's boundary moves up a half a block north when going east of 1st Avenue) How Paradise Plaza will respond to the smattering of historic structures on the north side of the block is yet to be revealed.

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