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Contemporary Jungle House on South Miami Avenue is $5M

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Built by a developer as his/her ('his' actually. According to Dade County property records, the house belongs to Miguel Baena) own house in 2013, this place on South Miami Avenue, one of Miami's most classic streets, faces Simpson Park while extending the park's jungly ambience into the house's big yard. The $4.879 million property is very much a family house, with big living and dining areas and a whole bunch of bedrooms, a few of which have internal staircases that the listing doesn't mention but we imagine to lead up to little loft areas. You know, to play 'Fort.' The house has a couple of unique features, including a big pool with a little glass window on the side, a basement (!), and an outdoor fireplace. How many houses in Miami have those? Probably, like, two.

· 1555 S. Miami Avenue [Zillow]