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Renter Horror Stories: Was it a Murder Weapon?

Welcome to Renters Week Horror Stories, a weeklong contest where we ask you dear readers to submit your most horrible stories renting in Miami or South Florida and we feature the best of the worst. Have to deal with a tyrannical landlord, or perhaps have a tenant who treated your property a little too much like home? You could win a staycation at a posh boutique hotel! Check out the official contest rules here, and let us in on your worst rental secrets. Anonymity guaranteed!

We had a unit in little Havana that had been vacant for a while, so we couldn't be too picky with our tenant. We ended up getting a guy who was involved in the porn business. No big deal, we thought. At least he has a job. Next thing you know, the guy disappears. I call his boss, turns out the guy relapsed and went in a crack binge. Ended up selling half our furniture and never came back. When we went to clean out the unit, we found, among piles of disgusting and filthy clothes, a hammer. The blunt of this hammer had blood and particles of what I imagine to be part of someone's skull. I called the police to report a potential murder weapon. They asked if there was a body. There wasn't, so they refused to send someone to investigate. Since then, I never hold onto any rental properties.

· Renters Week 2015 [Curbed Miami]