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The Green Rooms of Facundo Bacardi's Miami Gardens

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[Photos by Robin Hill]
[Photos by Robin Hill]

Desiring a garden atypical of South Florida for the almost four acre property at his Miami home, Facundo Bacardi, the Chairman of Bacardi Ltd. and great-great-grandson of the company's founder, hired SMI landscape architecture of Palm Beach to create a garden divided into green rooms and mostly consisting of plants from the temperate regions. The Puerto Rican/Cuban rum baron did not want an "overly tropical" garden. It was just published in the Robb Report, which has a detailed description. Photos of the garden are by Robin Hill, who was kind enough to let Curbed publish quite a few as well.

The property has a sunken formal garden, grotto, swimming pool garden, bamboo garden, and two gardens for the Bacardi children, one with perennials and the other with herbs and vegetables. Then there's the "garden of the giants" with its great oval lawn and giant baobab tree, and the winding pathway around the perimeter of the site linking everything together.

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