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All Aboard Florida Wants to Expand into Little Triangle Park

All Aboard Florida wants to expand its Downtown Miami station project into a 7,000 square foot triangular county-owned "green space" with trees, grass, and park benches at the southern tip of their property, which First Avenue currently veers around. The Miami Herald declines to use the word 'park', although that's pretty obviously what it is. In exchange they would give the county a chunk of land near the old Miami Arena site (which the Miami Herald does not specifically identify) where the city could "build a new park and perhaps a new fire station." Now the Herald drops the 'P' word, riiiiiiight.

Right now, the triangular green space is a rather neglected little park wedged between the Dade County Courthouse, some bleak office buildings, and the AAF construction site, but handing it over to AAF along with the right-of-way of the straightened road next to it would mean AAF could build a fifth tower south of the four currently planned. On the other hand, with all the new construction surrounding it, its existence as a park might finally be appreciated.

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Future Fec Downtown Miami Station

200 NW 1st Avenue, Miami, Florida