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Fed Up That Parcel B Still Isn't a Park, Activists Will Dedicate it Anyway, Tomorrow

For two decades, since the construction of the AmericanAirlines Arena, Miamians have been promised a waterfront park behind the arena on a plot of land called Parcel B. The park was part of the deal with the Miami Heat for the arena, which the county never held the Heat accountable for, and to this day Parcel B remains a desolate strip of nothing covered with more asphalt than it had 20 years ago. It was used as a pit stop for the Formula-E race held Downtown earlier this year, and the Heat rents it out for parking at far below market value. There is also talk of building a museum on the site.

Now, fed up with a promise broken for twenty years, activists will meet at Parcel B at 11:30 AM tomorrow to dedicated it as a park themselves, and everyone's invited to join. They've even picked a name for it: Dan Paul Park, named after an eccentric and brilliant attorney who advocated hard for green space in the city.
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