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Mark Soyka is Turning the Bay Shore Pump House Into a Restaurant, and It Will be Glorious

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Mark Soyka, the restaurateur behind such iconic and loved Miami haunts as the News Cafe, Soyka, Andiamo, and the former Van Dyke Cafe, and the man who created the 55th Street Station cluster of shops and restaurants, is restoring the historic Bay Shore Pump House says the Miami New Times. Called The Coral House Restaurant, the new restaurant will be just up the street from the 55th Street Station and Soyka the restaurant, and it will be glorious.

The gorgeous oolitic limestone/coral rock building was originally built in the 1920s as a water pump station for the neighboring areas of Lemon City and Bay Shore, the neighborhood now known as Morningside. Over the years it has been everything from a music venue to a church, to a beauty salon, and was just historically designated by the City of Miami in 2012, ensuring its preservation. "It's a complicated project because everything historical has to stay intact," Soyka told the New Times. Luckily, Mr. Soyka is just the right man to make those historic bones, ahem, coral rocks sing.
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