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Rent this Clarence Mack Palm Beach Regency for $24K/Month

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Clarence Mack, architect of the 'Palm Beach Regency' style that proliferated on the blue blooded isle in the postwar era, built this house at 500 Regent Park next door to his own, an even more palatial regency edifice. Built in 1965, the 6,800 square foot house is excellently preserved in what looks to be highly original condition, except for the kitchen, which looks like it had an ultra generic Home Depot update in the '90s. It can be yours, for seasonal or annual lease, for $24,000 a month.

The layout is interesting, and probably very much representative of the time and place in which it was built. Regent Park was a commercial development after all. The house's public rooms are defined by two strong axis, from doorway to pool and from dining room to library. Although not an extravagantly large house, it is intensely formal for the most part. There are only three bedrooms. The aforementioned kitchen is hidden behind layers of hallways and butlers pantries. There are two powder rooms, right next to each other. Unless the little stairway only visible in the floorpan leads to a servant's room, there was no live-in help. Hallways double as dressing rooms. The only way to access either of the one-car garages from the interior is by walking through bedrooms.

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