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Comment of the day

"IF you rent at the Flamingo South Beach, be prepared to hear every word from the apartment next door...Paper thin walls. Be prepared to lose your security when you leave, no matter how perfect you leave your apartment. Be prepared to hear a thousand people screaming in different languages if you rent an apartment facing the North pool.Be prepared to pay the same percentage for air conditioning, water, and garbage no matter how many people live in your apartment because this is all based on the square footage of your apartment. Be prepared to give 2 months notice to renew or not renew your yearly lease, or lose your security. Be prepared to step in Dog Shit no matter where you go on the property. But most of all, be prepared to enjoy Irma, the lovely lady who owns and runs the Flamingo Market."—Paul Orofino [Updating the Curbed Miami Rental Heatmap, June 2015 Edition]