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Can You Outdo These Gorgeous Rentals in Miami Beach?

Miami is a land of beauty, so it's only fitting that some of the most beautiful homes currently on the rental market are really quite spectacular, and listed at some spectacular prices. Here are four of them.

Built in 1922, this Mediterranean Revival villa in South Beach is renting for $11,500 a month. It has five bedrooms, four and a half baths, and comes furnished like you're just back from an African safari. Check out that bull's head on the wall of the sun room. There's a main house and a guest house, with pool in between.

This 4,600 square foot beachfront condo at Ocean House is renting for $30,000 a month, and comes with interiors designed by Artifact.

Here's a three-bedroom, three and a half bath oceanfront condo on Fisher Island renting for a whopping $37,500 a month.

An oceanfront house in Miami is an exceedingly rare thing, but here's one! This three story, 6,900 square foot home in Altos Del Mar is priced to reflect its fabulous rarity as well, at a whopping $70,000 a month, "All rent to be paid prior to occupancy."

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· 7745 Fisher Island Drive [Zillow]
· 7737 Atlantic Way [Zillow]
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