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Miami's Once-Glittering Cabaret Scene Included the Latin Quarter, the Mai-Kai, and Les Violins

In the 1940s. '50s, and '60s, over-the-top, glamorous, glittering cabaret-style floor shows were all the rage. They were captured in the fantastical movie musicals of the era with stars like Fred Astair, and even on the small screen with Desi Arnaz playing a nightclub bandleader who also put on cabaret shows in I Love Lucy, and cabaret floor shows headlined the most dazzling nightclubs in the world, which of course included Miami. Learning from Miami rediscovered videos of three of these clubs, The Latin Quarter, Les Violins, and The Mai-Kai (actually in Fort Lauderdale, and still in existence) archived in the vaults of the Wolfson Moving Image Archives. The other two are this way.
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