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Big Tower Will Probably Wipe Out Cute West Avenue Dead-End

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Another large condo tower, or hotel, or apartment building (educated guess here: probably a condo tower) appears to be coming to West Avenue in South Beach. JDS Development Group has spent the last two months buying up both sides of the dead-end Monad Terrace in one of the last pockets of single-family homes in the area, spending a total of $42 million so far. Some sellers got way better deals than others did. Ah, the power of negotiation. The only house remaining is 1135 Monad Terrace, smack dab in the middle of the street. Since JDS will probably want to close all of Monad Terrace (again, educated speculation) and won't be able to without this Number 1135, the holdout is perfectly poised to negotiate themselves a killing.
· JDS Spends $42 Million Assembling South Beach Block [SFBJ]