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Morningside's Jetsons House Has Sold for $1.5 Million

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Morningside's fabulous and iconic Jetsons House has sold for $1.5 million to a buyer who, according to a reliable source, "apparently loves the design and the history and wants to restore it, NOT tear it down." It's a nice save for a house that, not historically designated, was at a real risk of being demolished due to its fairly small size and lack of those silly accoutrements of contemporary life that the well-off get so spoiled by these days. Nicknamed the Jetsons House because of its appearance, the house was designed by an important Miami architect of the midcentury period, Rufus Nims, and is meant to be a sort of subtropical modernism that embraces an architecture suitable to the climate in a modernist form. Soon air-conditioning and other gizmos would leave architecture like this kicked to the gutter, a state from which it has not not fully returned.

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