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An Aromatherapy Trail is Exactly What Your Condo Needs

Your condo loses. The game of amenity one-upmanship has been one-upped yet again. Every rinky-dink building has an art collection, pet spa, and bowling alley these days, but soon a building coming to North Miami Beach will have... of all things... an aromatherapy trail, because who doesn't like to walk and smell things? The trail will circle The Harbour, which will have a total of 425 units in two 32 story buildings, and will have five sections with specialized plantings that each have a specific purpose, and infused-water stations peppered throughout. "There is a lavender walk for tension relief and clearing the mind; a chamomile walk, to combat stress and anxiety; a eucalyptus walk, for pain relief; a mint walk for energizing and revitalizing; and a gardenia walk as an anti-depressant" according to The Real Deal.

The infused waters come in flavors such as coconut, lemon and green tea, and chlorophyll, which is supposed to be good for you even though it tastes pretty bad. It can also be used as a natural green dye. The buildings also come with an indoor-outdoor spa, a marina, and an exercise track.

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