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Lisa & Lenny Hochstein Are Suing Steven G. For All The Beige Paint in Miami

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Real Housewife of Miami Lisa Hochstein and her husband, a guy who's got enough chutzpa to think it's cool to call yourself a "boob god," the plastic surgeon Lenny Hochstein, are hard at work building their dream home at 42 Star Island Drive, a house which they destroyed history to create.

Actually the serfs are the ones hard at work building the place, while the Hochsteins themselves are working on a lawsuit against their former interior designer Steven G., whose known for his high end home interiors across South Florida that are all the exact same shade of beige. Basically the Hochsteins claim he charged $50,000, and only produced "pencil sketches and a few design samples" before refusing to do any more work. Curbed bets most of those samples were beige.
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42 Star Island Drive

42 Star Island Drive, Miami Beach, Florida