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'70s Coconut Grove Stunner With Nice Updates Wants $2.5M

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Built in 1977, the architect of this Coconut Grove house on South Bayshore Drive, which is listed for $2.5 million, is not mentioned in the listing, but it very well might have been Arquitectonica in their early years. The look is spot on. This was the Age of Atlantis, when Arquitectonica would become really famous for their best work, the Atlantis Condominium and other buildings. Since then, the original look of the house appears to be very well preserved with sensitive updates in the kitchen and bathrooms. The almost 5,000 square foot house has 7 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms, and is near the Coconut Grove village center, in walking distance to Arquitectonica's office actually (ok, it's a long walk), where one could probably still get copies of the original plans.

· 1617 S Bayshore Drive [Zillow]