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Miami Women's Club to be Restored with Restaurant, Retail

A part of the Miami skyline since its construction in 1925, the Miami Women's Club has signed an agreement to lease out its home for 90 years, an agreement that comes with a much-needed restoration for the historic building, reports the Miami Herald.

The Heafey Group, owners of the shopping center of the Grand Hotel, which has a fortune teller, hair salon, a few questionable looking bars, and, like, a jewelry store or something, will restore the building and sublease some of the space to a high-end restaurant. The Next Miami says the restaurant will be limited to the two lower floors, with the third floor becoming a ballroom for the Grand, and the club remaining on the top two floors. No word yet on what they'll do with the large parking lot toward the street, or empty area behind the club where there is currently a gap in the bay walk.
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