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Paul Rudolph-Inspired 'Parasol House' Wants $6.8 Million

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Inspired by Sarasota's famous 'Umbrella House' designed in the postwar period by Paul Rudolph, young architect and Curbed Miami contributor William Hamilton Arthur IV designed this recently completed spec house on Sunset Island IV called the 'Parasol House.' It's now on the market for $6.8 million. The approximately 5,000 square foot house has four bedrooms, four and a half baths, and was designed with a concrete canopy about a foot and a half above the home's rooftop. Arthur sent a note over about how he designed it:

The house required half the air conditioning of a typical home of equivalent size. I tried to maximize efficiency with the budget I was given. There's no LEED equipment but I did use a lot of classic MiMo styling and Polevitzky techniques to get the ambient temperature reduced. During construction the contractor called me and said "The Parasol really does work, my guys don't sweat out here" so that was fun. · 1520 W 21st Street [Zillow]
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