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Palm Beach Classic by John Volk Rents for $28,000/Month

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This gorgeous 5 bedroom, 4500 square feet house designed in 1938 by Palm Beach Regency society architect John Volk is listed for rent at $28,000 a month. Can't afford the whole thing? That's $5,000 a bedroom, a perfect share for a bunch of still-very-rich roommates needing a classy crash pad. Although Palm Beach Regency is Volk's biggest stylistic claim to fame, this place is 'Bermuda style', which is also quite fitting for the tropical setting. The listing says it's "steps to Worth Avenue and three houses from the beach." Of course, this being Palm Beach those houses could be as big as France. Saying it's "two blocks in" might be a better bet.

· 577 S. County Road [Zillow]